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Accelerate Revenue Goals With Buyers Experience

The eBook is for sales leaders to help clarify the difference between the buyer experience and customer experience. Your buyer is part of a decision-making team; you must build relationships to empower and evangelise them. Improvements to the buyer experience increase sales revenues. By convincing the other members that your solution is the right choice, they will advocate on your behalf.

21 Reasons Sales Do Not Scale

The eBook is for sales leaders to help them navigate some of the social, technological, and economic challenges affecting them, their team, and the business. The aim is to help you and your team, not only survive but thrive in these challenging times.

Your most valued customers deserve special and personalised attention. Strategic customers will not scale if you do not pay due care and attention.

5 Steps to Become a Trusted Advisor

The eBook is for you to secure, retain, and grow key client relationships for long-term value and partnership to become your customer’s trusted advisor.

Customers who have a transactional relationship with the sales representatives give the company 14% of their available business on average. The percentage jumped to 47% if they perceived the salespeople to be trusted advisors. If you have a trusted relationship, you can shape the customers’ thinking, influence, and have more sustainable relationships and sales.

Virtual Sales Coaching Training and Development eBook

This eBook will help you learn how to blend coaching and training and combine modalities to empower your virtual sellers and to optimise your sales development efforts for a virtual world.

The Sales Leaders 12-Point Coaching Checklist guide you through the essentials of virtual sales training and coaching development to succeed in a digital and remote world

Best Practice of Sales Kickoff Meetings

This eBook will help you to know how can revitalise Sale Kickoff Meeting to be the most effective and result drive event of the year. An even will pack a punch 

The Sales Kickoff Meeting is an opportunity to refresh, reset and kickoff a new impetus for growth. This event will help sellers to be motivated and focused to company values and committed to delivering on the business goals.

How to Survive and Thrive in a Virtual World eBook

This eBook will help you, your colleagues and your clients remain mentally and physically energized in a prolonged economic and psychological lag environment

We live in an energy-draining world, and your job is to manage your energy. The skill of maintaining and even optimizing our energy is a crucial factor of personal and professional success. Without it, you cannot focus and engage in the tasks you need to progress in your work and life.

Master the Art of Social Selling eBook

This eBook was created to support the Scale Your Sales Master the Art of Social Selling Workshop created for sales professionals, business owners and key people in growth companies who want to get close to and nurture their customers.

7 Strategies to Supercharge Social Selling Effectiveness will help sales professionals generate excellent results by leveraging social media to connect, engage and develop sales opportunities.

Winning Back Lost Customers eBook

This eBook will show you how you can Win-Back lost customers and why you must win back in preference to the long journey of securing new customers.

With Win-Back, you win more sales in less time, at a lower cost and gain more referrals. The bonus is that you are less likely to lose customer going forward. 

Serve & Sell Transforming eCommerce on Purpose eBook

The global pandemic has challenged retail and accelerated demands on eCommerce. If you want to get your leadership or team aligned to a future where they have a clear purpose on serving more customers better, then this eBook is for you.

Transforming eCommerce must serve with purpose through uncertain times and consequently help the business revenue ambitions and mission.

Why Retention is Your Growth Strategy eBook

This eBook will help you to have a look to your sales organisation as the feedback loop to glean insights about your customers’ changing needs and lifestyles. Those are at the frontline and are uniquely positioned to help you understand what customers want and need.

When was the last time you interview your top 10% of most valued customers? Forget what your company is trying to sell. The heart of your customer experience must focus on the customer wants and needs and experience. And only then consider how your brand can help them achieve their goal better than anyone else, create the customer journey and match the sales process to deliver great customer and buyer experiences.

The Essentials of Creating a Sales Process eBook

If sales were about the negotiation to serve, would you approach the art and science of selling different, think of the seller as the negotiator and the buyer as the one wanting to be served. This eBook will help you take a step back from this overview delve deeper into how to create your sales this process.

Sales are the life force of any business, whether B2C or B2B. Your sales strategy answers who, what, and why; a sales process is vital because it shows you how and when to conduct the sales cycle or sales funnel, from the beginning to the end in a way that makes sense for your unique group of serving buyers. How you sell is dependent on who you serve.