#039 Patricia Fripp – Is your Sales Message being of Service or from the view of Refocused Selling?

June 28, 2020
Scale Your Sales Podcast Patricia Fripp

Companies hire my next guest to help them drive sales by improving their important conversations and presentations. Patricia Fripp, named as the Top 25 Women in Sales and the Top 30 Coaching Gurus. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance said, One of the best ways to invest in your success is to learn presentation skills from Patricia Fripp It is my great honour to welcome my friend Patricia Fripp to Scale Your Sales Podcast.


COVID19 is not so much a time to sell but a time to keep in touch and be of service. Many clients are not spending money, and others are spending more. Always remember the clients that gave you the business when they had money help them along when they do not have money. This is a great time to learn today and earn tomorrow, all the things you do not have time for, FrippVT, is a great resource.


Patricia Fripp had a client build a virtual office long before webinars were readily available, and she has embraced the technology, admitting to not being a technology person. Are you practising to improve, or to reinforce bad habits, practice does not perfect it makes permanent says Patricia? If you think, in sales you are at the top of your game, you are forgetting that your competition is watching wants to do better than you, so you had better be working to improve your process, your message, your methodology or your commitment to stay ahead.


Patricia advises her clients to revisit, refocus and re-script, look at your automatic messages, is the message relevant now. Patricia spent 5-hours going through her YouTube channel refocusing and re-scripting her video titles or descriptions. Refocus your message whether email, website, social media, product description by asking, is this message from being of service or from the view of refocused selling.  

Take advantage of this opportunity and invest your time well, says Patricia. It is not only learning and keeping in touch, that matters, it is essential to take time for yourself and get more sleep, so you have more energy when working.


Patricia shares her experience of being 43 year veteran of the National Speakers Association. Women were in the minority, and speaker bookers would have to ask clients if they would consider a female speaker, and many said NO!


Be specific with your message, says Patricia, especially when speaking internationally where English may not be the audiences first language. You must be sensitive to changing the images of your presentation and the language. When we tell stories, but it is crucial that you populate the stories with real people relevant to the audience.


Patricia says meeting organisers and speaker bookers must be prepared to book speakers that are representative of their audience.


The best connection you can make with a diverse audience is to say, help me to understand how to pronounce your name.


Patricia advises sales professionals not to use the tradition sales introductions, as nobody cares about you. Instead, you must speak as an audience advocate and look at your message what interests them, so do not start by introducing your company and sound like everyone else.  


Start with Congratulations then perhaps talk about something they are proud of a marketing campaign, a core value experienced, or the stock price.

XX has been very gracious with their time and information, and they say (opportunity, challenge, or interest). Patricia says to start with their challenge, opportunity, or interest, your interest in ABC, or the challenge you want to solve XYZ. Organise your presentation around what you believe they want and is of interest to them and weave what you want them to know about you into it.


Patricia suggests to, give an example of a company the same size as you did this and got this result.

Always say thank you for the opportunity to discuss why X product might be of interest to you.

Is there anything you would like to discuss?


Patricia’s hero is Robert Fripp, her brother and notable musician. Patricia says he is the perfect example of the discipline you need to be a success and stay a success. Patricia shares her memories of growing up on world war two, hearing the stories and the speeches of Winston Churchill, which continue to influence her.




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