#066: Fred Copestake – Not Gamification but Realification Deliberate Practice in Real Life.

January 2, 2021
Scale Your Sales Podcast Fred Copestake

My next guest is on Scale Your Sales podcast is Fred Copestake, the Sales trainer and consultant, and author of ‘Selling Through Partnering Skills’. Fred believes that people can get better through learning and sharing, and with better collaboration, we can all really make a difference.

Fred and I talk about his book and why partnering, and collaboration is more important in sales today. Fred expresses why listening is critical and balancing long term and short-term demands between the buyer and supplier along with customer success.

00:00 Fred Copestake – Not Gamification but Realification Deliberate Practice in Real Life.

03:53 Why gamification does not excite Fred, but realification does?

08:47 What is the highest praise given to a salesperson by the customer or buyer?

09:32 What is a good sign to salespeople should look for?

11:44 What the consequence of product selling?

12:26 Summary of what I love about the book, Selling Through Partnering Skills.

13:41 The book builds on the good foundation of sales methodology.

16:32 Pain and gain at the same time achieve more.

19:00 Long-term relationships scale your sales.

21:54 Talk about the deal and the plan.

22:37 We are still talking about Customer Success.

23:20 Hero is Dad



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Scale Your Sales Podcast Fred Copestake
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