#067: Peri Shawn – Referrals Get Short Term Results and Long Term Exponential Growth

January 9, 2021
Scale Your Sales Podcast Peri Shawn

My next guest on Scale Your sales Show is Peri Shawn the award-winning author Sell More with Sales Coaching. You may have read some of her articles in Selling Power, Salesforce.com, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes. Peri teaches and coaches sales VPs and their teams on how to leverage the neuroscience of buying to increase sales and improve the client experience.

00:00 Referrals Get Short Term Results and Long Term Exponential Growth.

02:49 Rather that pivot: Being responsive means there is a dynamic in which you are doing it.

06:06 How stressed an individual is, impacts their buying choices.

07:13 Multiple studies indicate that people have a good portion of their buying decision already complete.

08:39 Assess how far along will they be in their buying-decision, by the time you have that conversation?

10:35 Salespeople are stepping on buyer decision and convincing them in some ways not to buy.

13:06 Knowing what is important to buyers – gives you a starting point.

15:42 Giving buyers space to think.

16:24 Most salespeople go into the meeting thinking they need to be talking.

17:00 Sales presence: understanding what’s going on for the client and their decision making that’s happening in their brain.

18:20 We can only deal with 4 sentences and one question at a time.

18:58 Incremental improvement: getting better day by day.

19:40 Referral will get you results in the short term and it has exponential growth in the business.

20:45 Every referral you get, you get two more referrals.

23:00 Desert island, Peri would take a computer.

End 24:16

Facebook Group Selling with Science and Soul! https://www.linkedin.com/in/perishawn

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Scale Your Sales Podcast Peri Shawn
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