#068: Sonia Dumas – Sellers That Best Educate Their Buyers Will Win More

January 16, 2021
Scale Your Sales Podcast Sonia Dumas

My next guest is Sonia Dumas, the founder of the Unstoppable Sales Community, she is the Payday Conversations Expert on the Sales Expert Channel She helps small business leaders grow their business to maximum capacity.

00:00 Sellers that best educate their buyers will win more buyers.

02:09 The pandemic has reset expectations that customer success is a critical factor towards conversions and retention.

03:19 Time is money, every dime count.

05:05 What practical strategy could you offer that has enabled buyers to buy?

05:47 The best things businesses small, medium, large can do is educate people about your service.

06:42 Payday conversation: sales strategy with 3 things: confidence, curiosity, and conversion.

10:15 Woman in business: diversity has improved.

15:20 We live in a time where it is easy to create a business.

16:15 You don’t need hundreds and thousands of clients.

17:03 Start by changing a small niche and not think about changing the world.

18:14 COVID is a window of time where you can build you company.

20:02 Make sure you’re dealing with your emotional stuff because it’s going to get projected on your business.

20:35 The shero of Sonia would be Maya Angelou and here is why.

End 22:55



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Scale Your Sales Podcast Sonia Dumas
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