#072: Tripp Braden – Selling is a Team Sport

February 13, 2021
Scale Your Sales Podcast Tripp Braden

My next guest on Scale Your Sales Podcast Show is Tripp Braden, an executive coach who works with clients on their go-to-market strategies leveraging their teams’ strengths to create a unique position in the market.

We talk about business growth, building teams and emotional intelligence, sales and diversity.

00:00 Selling is a team sport.

01:05 More about building diverse supplier networks.

02:01 In times of COVID we need to provide leadership initiatives.

04:40 Why Government and education have a role to play in business?

06:13 How diversity offers a true benefit to organizations?

08:23 How do we incorporate customers into the discussion?

09:30 B2B sales are a team sport.

11:09 Tripp Braden comes from a world where everything is about whatever you kill, you get.

12:45 How do we change the inherent structures that limit us?

15:02 Emotional intelligence is an essential element to cope with this pandemic.

19:54 Why employers must get their teams involved in employee advocacy?

23:00 Tripp’s hero is Marc Benioff, find out why?

25:38 End




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Scale Your Sales Podcast Tripp Braden
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