#074: Dan Pfister – Why Win-Back is one of the Most Effective Customer Growth Strategies

February 27, 2021
Scale Your Sales Podcast Dan Pfister

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Dan Pfister, a partner at The Business Source Corp. They’ve generated over 50k customers and have worked with brands like American Express and Tony Robbins.

Dan built a customer win-back process they’ve used since 2016, and based on the success of it, he founded Strategic Winback Services.

00:00 Why Win-Back is one of the Most Effective Customer Growth Strategies

01:27 The origins of the Customer Win Back Process.

03:47 The elements of the Customer Win Back process.

07:24 Why in many companies you are not rewarded for winning back a client.

10:42 The win rate of a past customer is 8X versus a new customer.

13:30 Dan’s metaphor: “getting married is one thing but staying married and being happy is a lot of work”, it’s the same with clients.

16:01 Once you have honed your win-back strategy you can then apply this to win others.

17:12 Why it is necessary to establish a relationship of trust when winning back a customer.

21:15 Find out what is Dan’s Desert Island pick, and why?

24:25 End



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Scale Your Sales Podcast Dan Pfister
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