#075 Blaire G Hervey – Why sales organisations need to change and hire more people of colour and accept diversity is natural.

March 6, 2021
Scale Your Sales Podcast Blaire G Hervey

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Blaire G Hervey, a Business + Career Coach and Sales Enablement Leader at Amazon Web Services. She’s an inspirational Maverick, making her mark with start-ups + tech giants experiencing rapid growth. Her true passion lies in innovating for women of colour, helping them to navigate the complexities of corporates and to become change agents in their communities. 

00:00 Why sales organisations need to change and hire more people of colour.

01:26 More about Amazon Web services

02:35 How can we lift women of colour up and give them an opportunity to grow?

03:56 Why it’s really important to have a support system for women of colour.

06:35 Diversity is natural, we are all different, we all exist.

08:40 Why organisation need to create employee resource/support/affinity groups.

13:20 Why Blaire opening the doors for these other gritty people who have non-conventional background.

16:09 You need to know the people you are going to serve in order to know what to serve them.

16:55 To enable buyers to buy, take a moment to hear what they have to say and answer the questions.

20:11 Blaire shero is Stacy Abrams, find out why?

22:09 End



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Scale Your Sales Podcast Blaire G Hervey
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