#081: Lenwood Ross – Turn Your Social Media Activities into Sales Without Selling on Social Media

April 19, 2021
Scale Your Sales Podcast Lenwood Ross

My next guest on Scale Your Sales Podcast is an attorney and family game night aficionado; turned entrepreneur, founder, digital transformation expert, coach, and CEO. He trains sellers to accelerate pipeline with meaningful virtual conversations using social media. He focuses on helping professionals overcome the barriers to successful virtual selling. As well as helping enterprises with more than 50 sales and marketing professionals, manage global sales transformation at scale. 

00:00 Turn Your Social Media Activities into Sales Without Selling on Social Media.

01:15 Why focus on social selling and virtual training during the pandemic.

03:34 More about virtual training, retention, interaction and learning in the job.

06:15 Why experiences help people to know what is expected of them in a given context.

09:53 Never forget that sales have two sides: Technology and People.

15:05 Why creating the right first impression on social media is critical?

23:26 Why we need more diversity in our leaders?

27:56 Why Lenwood would take his iPhone on his Desert Island?

29:44 End




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Scale Your Sales Podcast Lenwood Ross
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