#192: Tonya Bjurstrom -High-Touch Interviews Unleash Voice of Key Customers and Sales Success

June 5, 2023

In this week’s Scale Your Sales podcast, my guest is Tonya Bjurstrom, Founder of Dirby. Dirby, the voice of the customer, uncovers the insight you wish you had all along.

Tonya is the voice of the customer for B2B, asking the right questions in the right way at the right time to uncover the insight her clients need. And not only does she understand how to uncover valuable insight, but her programs create a better customer experience.

In this episode, we talked about her program that helps software companies and SMEs improve their marketing messaging, her ways of interviewing clients, and how organisations can find their value, focusing on the voice of the customer.

Welcome to the Scale Your Sales podcast, Tonya Bjurstrom.




3:10 – Collect data points by having a high-touch one-on-one interview.


5:53 – The things to do for your customer to feel valued.


8:58 – Take action using the data you have 


11:55 – “The momentum of assumption” 


15:31 – Culture that makes you a customer-driven business 


18:11 – The best time to complete a customer survey 


21:53 – What’s shocking about doing business? 


23:30 –  Speak about your product in the way you want your customer to speak of it 


25:33 – Make sure you can train somebody with your unique methodology  



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