#207: John Ashton – Sales greatness is in the Agency of Customers

September 18, 2023
#207: John Ashton

In this week’s Scale Your Sales podcast episode, my guest is John Ashton, the Vice President of the EMEA Sales team for Braze.

Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers meaningful and relevant interactions between customers and brands. Prior to Braze, he was an Infantry Officer in the British Army and served on operations around the world. Outside of work he is an adventure enthusiast and is currently preparing to row across the Atlantic this December of 2023.

In this episode, John talks about the shift in focus from pre-2022 business strategies centered on personalized and optimized cross-channel messaging to the current importance of streamlining tech infrastructure in enterprise organizations. He discussed the need for users to quickly onboard and upskill in this reduced tech environment, highlighting the significance of human resource optimization. He shares their focus on product expertise, effective utilization of technology, and the vital role they play in customer retention and growth. Additionally, we learn how Braze differentiates itself in the competitive market through customer advocacy and a positive post-signing experience.

Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcasts, John Ashton.


03:56 – In today’s competitive market, high-frequency data analysis, personalized engagement, and flawless execution define Braze.

08:28 – Success lies in quantifying and reducing wasted resources.

12:54 – Talent is key, and so are intellectual curiosity and effective communication.

16:55 – Feudal exercises with vague briefs foster curiosity.

23:49 – His role in in account management, prioritizing advocacy and clear communication

26:34 – Interdepartmental synergy fuels sales success, anchoring in value-driven projects.


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#207: John Ashton
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