#216: Gina Stracuzzi – Navigating Generational Differences in Sales

November 20, 2023

In this week’s episode of the Scale Your Sales podcast, my guest is Gina Stracuzzi, the Co-Founder and Director of the Women in Sales Leadership Center at the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES).

IES Women in Sales Leadership (WISL) helps women in the industry to take on increasing leadership roles with courage, conviction, and creativity by giving them the career tools, techniques and strategies to succeed.

In this episode, Gina highlighted the IES Women in Sales Leadership Program, addressing the awareness of generational differences among women in sales. We discussed the unique opportunities and challenges each generation faces, emphasizing the program’s role in mentoring new entrants to the sales industry. The conversation delved into the profound impact of multiple generations in sales, particularly focusing on the challenge of effectively expressing and communicating value, especially among younger women. Notably, we explored the industry’s reception of different communication styles, reflecting a generational gap. Additionally, the discussion touched on the broader effects on sales, industry dynamics, and the influence of remote work, providing a comprehensive view of the factors shaping the sales landscape.

Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast, Gina Stracuzzi.

Time stamps: 

03:34 – New women managers now are embracing empowerment and constructive leadership.

09:56 – Generation diversity also impacts the workforce.

13:46 – Adapting to remote work, technology still catching up.

15:30 – Generations will blend towards a new norm.

19:58 – Pros and cons of remote work. What will the new generation be missing out on?

25:27 – Know your buyer, understand their options, adapt.

27:14 – New technologies are criticized, but change is natural and leads to innovation.




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