#227: James Ski – The Holistic Approach to Career Growth with Mind, Body, and Sales.

February 6, 2024

In this week’s Scale Your Sales Podcast episode, my guest is James Ski, CEO and Founder of Sales Confidence.

Sales Confidence is the UK and Europe’s #1 Community for SaaS sales & revenue leaders and teams. Their vision is to build the world’s most valuable B2B Sales community, elevate the sales profession and help sales professionals, at each stage of their career, be the best they can be through achieving peak performance, mindset awareness and positive wellbeing.


In this episode, James opens about his transformative journey, sharing his personal diagnosis of bipolar disorder and the invaluable insights gained while navigating a flourishing career in sales. From overcoming personal challenges to strategically growing his business, the experience has become the bedrock of his entrepreneurial success. James takes center stage as he unveils the secrets behind building the world’s most valuable B2B sales community. With an unwavering focus on elevating the well-being and performance of sales professionals, he has pioneered an exclusive learning and development membership platform, shaping the mindset and success trajectory of salespeople and leaders at every career stage. Join us for an inspiring exploration into the intersection of personal well-being, professional performance, and the art of scaling sales success.

Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast, James Ski.




03:47 – Researched US market, brought new sales tech.


10:00 – Lack of support in workplace sales experience.


10:50 – The stigma of mental health.


15:22 – Improving sales productivity, guaranteeing results, confident support.


20:09 – Professional speaking, diversity, and representation on stage.


22:50 – Back yourself, give back, introduce, create opportunities.


28:56 – Holistic well-being is vital for sustainable success.




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