#246 Kristie Jones – Strategies for Scaling Your Sales Performance

June 17, 2024

In this weeks’ Scale Your Sales Podcast episode, my guest is Kristie Jones.

Kristie Jones, author of “Selling Your Way In” and Principal of Sales Acceleration Group elevates sales companies by coaching sales leaders to hire Top Ten Percent sales candidates in addition to guiding their organization through the creation of a sales culture of accountability resulting in revenue growth.

In this podcast episode, we will focus on sales techniques, Kristie discussed the concept of identifying a salesperson’s core strengths, which Kristie likened to a compass guiding their approach. This self-awareness empowers sellers to distinguish between tasks that fall within their natural talents and those that lie outside their area of expertise. The conversation then shifted to achieving top sales performance. Kristie emphasized that success is not simply about the volume of sales activity, but rather the development of specific strategies and the cultivation of daily habits that distinguish the top 10% of salespeople.

Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast, Kristie Jones.



00:00 – Strategies for Scaling Your Sales Performance

05:22 – Understanding various sales roles and knowing yourself.

08:27 – Successful people say no more than yes, understanding ideal company profile.

09:39 – Success comes from work outside the office.

14:41 – Morning routine focused on peak performance in tennis.

17:23 – Equal treatment, deeper questions for candidate comparison.

21:11 – Advice for new and struggling salespeople.

23:31 – Sales as a profession for achieving dreams.

28:03 – Sharing financial wisdom learned at kitchen table.






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