#247 Melanie Mills – Diverse and Inclusive Strategies for Sales Success

June 24, 2024

In this weeks’ Scale Your Sales Podcast episode, my guest is Melanie Mills.

Chief Revenue Officer at Caxton Payments, the pioneering UK Fintech. Melanie has a 20-year career, growing revenues across scale-up businesses in variety of industries and prides herself on her nontraditional routes to success.

In today’s episode of Scale Your Sales podcast, Melanie shares her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated industry, her advocacy for diversity, and her passion for mentoring through the Caxton Career Collective. She discusses the importance of organizational culture, diversity in leadership, and the role of behaviours and listening skills in successful sales. Tune in for insights on recruitment processes, career transitions, and building strong sales teams from a diverse pool of talent.

Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast, Melanie Mills.



00:00 – Diverse and Inclusive Strategies for Sales Success

05:01 – Caxton initiative empowers women in diverse industries.

09:05 – Successful partnerships are vital for business growth.

10:14 – Supporting diverse candidates through terminology and commitment.

16:06 – Awareness, confidence, and pushing forward are key.

17:43 – Recruitment process focuses on wide catchment.

20:14 – Importance of diverse team with varied behaviours.

25:02 – Constantly asking questions provides valuable insights.

26:41 – Melanie discusses her first experience in America.




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