#248 Bob King – Unravelling the Secrets to Mastering Deal Closures

July 1, 2024

In this weeks’ Scale Your Sales Podcast episode, my guest is Bob King.

Bob King literally wrote the book on Closing for salespeople, closers, and anyone else who wants to know why they said yes on a day they were “just looking”. His book The Joy of Closing reveals the secrets to earning the customer’s business and getting them what they want.

In today’s episode of Scale Your Sales podcast, Bob embarks on a captivating journey, detailing his transition from the film industry to the world of sales. He underscores the critical role of believing in the sales process itself. Furthermore, Bob delves into the art of closing a sale, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing customer service, and building trust. He also offers valuable insights on managing sales teams, navigating the dynamics within sales organizations, and the key qualities that define a successful closer.

Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast, Bob King.



00:00 – Unravelling the Secrets to Mastering Deal Closures

06:11 – Overcoming stigma through belief and trust building.

07:42 – Helping others succeed while finding joy.

11:35 – Believe in your value proposition, expert advice.

14:22 – Chapter on managing manager, blaming others, sales success about mindset, sales managers’ role crucial.

17:30 – Job success depends on manager’s support.

21:46 – New sales approach, customer engagement and closing.

24:15 – Guide for customer interactions, emphasizing intuition use.




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