#249 Laura Hannan – Maximizing Sales Navigator and Microsite for Effective Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

July 8, 2024

In this weeks’ Scale Your Sales Podcast episode, my guest is Laura Hannan.

Laura is one of my go-to LinkedIn people. She’s a bit of a Sales Navigator geek, she trains salespeople on LinkedIn, and she is also a founder of a ‘done for you’ LinkedIn marketing agency, Pitch121. They manage personal profiles for time-poor execs and help salespeople get in front of their target accounts.

In today’s episode of Scale Your Sales podcast, Laura Hannan, founder of Pitch121, discuss about LinkedIn marketing and sales strategies. Laura shares insights on leveraging Sales Navigator, utilizing peer connections, and the importance of targeted brand awareness. She also covers microsites, AI tools, and the impact of personal perspective in posts, providing valuable tips for successful sales outreach and lead generation on LinkedIn.

Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast, Laura Hannan.



00:00 LinkedIn homepage is rarely used, sales navigator preferred.

06:18 Challenges in brand recognition and LinkedIn connections.

07:32 Strategically leveraging connections to reach target accounts.

14:10 Tailoring messaging to match target’s word choices.

16:53 LinkedIn profiles lacking web links, a missed opportunity.

20:13 Engage deeply with target accounts for success.

24:12 Prioritize engaging with senior execs on LinkedIn.

28:07 Sending concise slides replaced by informative video summaries.

29:12 Service pages tailored to user language, technologies.

33:33 Appreciation for networking, its modern relevance emphasized.




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