#2: Judy Hoberman – Gender Differences and Communication Insights From Sales

September 29, 2019
Scale Your Sales Podcast Judy Hoberman - Gender Differences

Judy Hoberman with a career in Sales is a powerful house in the art of and gender differences in communication. Judy’s mission…to help One Woman A Day by following an important philosophy-“Women want to be treated equally, not identically” ™ Judy talks about the difference in communication between men and women and demonstrates how this is part of your sales personalising communication. We talk about diversity of thought and much more. Listen in and let us know what you think? https://scaleyoursales.co.uk/podcast

00:00 Judy Hoberman Shares Her Communication Insights.

01:58 Women want to be treated equally.

03:26 Why men need to learn from women and women need to learn from men?

06:28 Why Judy’ job was to sell the appointment, and not sell on the phone.

09:56 Why men and woman communicate differently.

11:53 Why asking the questions, listening, and giving information helps you and your client can find a solution that works.

13:20 Why in sales diversity is diversity of thought, and you need to have different ideas, origins, cultures, and genders.

21:44 Working with people who think differently allows you to have different theories on subjects.

22:51 Judy uses 3 R’s strategy: Review, Readjust and Release, find out why?

24:18 Desert Island, Judy would take her pad and pen, find out why?

26:52 End

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Scale Your Sales Podcast Judy Hoberman - Gender Differences
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