#3: Carolina Castillo – Sales, AI and Diversity Insights

October 6, 2019
Scale Your Sales Podcast Carolina Castillo

Watch the Scale Your Sales Podcast. In Episode 003 Carolina talks about clients looking for someone they can trust, someone that can get things done both externally and internally. She talks about why Some people think that sales are for salespeople only. You could be an analyst or in operations, she says, it is an exercise in influence, we all have a role of influence and this is a sales exercise.

00:00 Worried About Sales, Al and Diversity? Listen to Carolina Castillo’s Sales Insights.

01:12 Clients are looking for somebody they can trust and can get the job done.

03:12 As a salesperson you need to be a trusted advisor to help the buyers through the buying process.

06:08 Today with artificial intelligence people have more resources to be better informed.

07:13 Why sales help women feel confident that they could achieve outstanding results.

13:19 Carolina’s financial director Father told her: “sales are the first line in the P&L so that’s how important it is.”

14:18 Carolina encourages everybody to think about the basics and read plenty of sales books and podcasts ?

15:46 Find out what personal item Carolina would take to a Desert Island?

17:18 End

Carolina gives so much practical insight and advice it was a pleasure having her on the show sharing her expertise. Let us know what you think? https://scaleyoursales.co.uk/podcast

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Scale Your Sales Podcast Carolina Castillo
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