Episode 009 – Alice Heiman How TradeShow Makeover to deliver ROI

November 17, 2019
Scale Your Sales Podcast Alice Heiman

WOW, Alice Heiman gives lots of value talking about her new company TradeShow Makeover and much more.

The tradeshow industry has grown year on year for over 8 years. Companies are spending millions on trade show but not getting the ROI.  Alice says that companies do what they have always done and do not get the results. She is on a mission to reverse this. Showing why it is cost-effective, Alice provides tips on how you can maximise the ROI with planning and the use of digital.

Alice talks through the Mutual Action Plan process that helps your salespeople provide real pipeline forecasts rather than the hopeful pipeline predictions.

00:00 Alice Heiman on Trade Show Makeover and much more.

01:15 More about Trade Show Makeover.

02:38 Why people need to learn to be digital sellers and digital marketers and combine this with Trade Show.

08:05 The booth must be good enough with succinct messaging that engages and draws in few words.

09:32 Why is digital is important during, pre and post event show.

11:25 Make sure that the website and all the collateral put in place, all the content published helps the seller to do their job.

17:28 Why CEOs and leaders must understand sales well enough to truly lead sales.

21:15 Find out why Donald Miller, is Alice’s hero?

23:12 End

Alice reference her hero as Donald Miller you can check out his podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/building-a-storybrand-with-donald-miller/id1092751338

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According to Forbes.com, Alice Heiman is among the world’s leading experts on the complex sale. She is the founder of Alice Heiman, LLC a leading sales consultancy that strategizes with sales leadership to grow sales. Heiman co-founded TradeShow Makeover which is now a leader in preparing companies to close more deals from their investment in exhibiting at and sponsoring trade shows.




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