#12 – Paul Durrant – How EFT Helps Build More Confidence in Sales

December 8, 2019
Scale Your Sales Podcast Paul Durrant

Paul Durrant helps my client’s businesses fix their sales-related problems, optimise their sales and upskill their salespeople. One client used the phrase ‘Thank you for bringing some order to my selling chaos’. Paul fills the sales acumen gaps few people are training sales. Sales have always had a bad-press like the foot in the door or snake-oil salesmen, people shy away from it to the determent of their top line.

00:00 How EFT Helps Build More Confidence in Sales.

1:14 How Paul fills the gap in his clients’ sales skills.

02:00 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) it’s a hybrid self-help therapy technique that uses psychology.

03:18 Why Paul works with salespeople to increase their confidence levels, giving them strategies and technique.

05:35 Why the sales have always had a bad press or a negative image.

07:15 Why there is always a need for sellers.

08:56 The more diverse the sales team, the more innovative it is and the fresher the offer.

09:44 More on book Paul’s book: Entrepreneurial Sales.

12:11 Why Paul would take his telescope on his desert island.

13:40 End

Paul help salespeople and business owners handle objections, so they are not on the back foot, he gives them structure and helps them deal with the emotions around selling. Paul uses EFT to helps elevate confidence, release phobias, pain and emotional management and stress. He says Sales is 50/50 competence and confidence. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) or Tapping uses a psychology and physiology technique using your fingertips on the meridian point with affirmations.

There is still a place for salespeople if you look at the website (will robots take my job), and type in salesperson it states 25% and if you type in accountant it’s 95% probability that a robot will take their job in two decades.

Ultimately its Sales a person to person business, instead of leading the client’s salespeople must facilitate the buyer. They must be more aware of their customers, customer and the environment and offer more insight to facilitate the sales process.

Entrepreneurial Sales: The practical guide to being more entrepreneurial and sales-savvy. Working with successful entrepreneurs they were not necessary sales savvy enough to have some strategies and technique around selling to help them to develop their sales acumen. This book fills that gap for business owners and people who do not consider themselves specialist but need more sales.

Paul has ten online training courses to support the need to improve sales skills. He is offering listeners to this podcast can get a 20% discount off these – Use code MORESALES to get 20% off his 10 online courses: pdtsalesconsultancy.co.uk/sales-training

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