24: Tiffani Bova – Explores the Gaps in Your and Your Customer Perspective

March 15, 2020
Scale Your Sales Podcast Tiffani Bova

Tiffani gives many modern strategies and examples that impact growth, GrowthIQ. She wrote the book she wanted to read, short bursts with 30 chapters and lots of visuals.

What product you sell is interesting for you, how you sell them is process-oriented again for you, said Tiffani. What is important is how your customers feel when they engage at any level, and the tip of this is sales (whether offline or online sales). The act of selling must develop the feeling of personalisation and trust, said Tiffani, so the customer feels you know them. It’s crucial that at the tip of the spear, that you are performing at a high level. If not, you are not getting the customer into your brand family. Then you do not have an opportunity to deliver customer support because they are not even a customer. You must start at the beginning and make it about that customer who wants to buy from you.

Tiffani said it is difficult for sales organisations to switch because they are organised and measured and managed by how much they sell. Sometimes there is a conflict, what is best for the customer might be not to sell what you sell! If you said, “I have listened to you, and I just do not think this is right for you,” stating that this level of trust gained said Tiffani, you cannot buy. The next time the customer approaches they know and trust that if it is right for them that you, the trusted advisor, will direct them.

Tiffani advises on moving from product to customer-led to first understand which you are. Tiffani said, go and ask your team and then ask your customers? See if there is a gap between what your team and your customer believe. The question to ask your team is “do we do what’s right, even if it means we will walk away from a deal.” Tiffani points out because you are customer-led you must also be employee first, in the systems, process, tools, compensation plans, the training and the onboarding, stating because the customers are only as happy of your employees.

When I started my career 25 years ago told Tiffani, we as sellers, held all the cards. When the internet began to take off the power dynamic changed. Customers started to do research, which meant that sellers have to re-evaluate their value. Some sellers have held steadfast to the way they have always sold. They have not been able to shift to knowing the trends or sharing what other clients in different industries are doing. The power shift means sellers must step up and be more willing to use technology than they have in the past. The most successful performers are good at using technology with human engagement.

Research shows that half of the sellers will miss quota this year (CSO Insights), and 66% of a seller’s time (Salesforce) is spent on non-selling activities. Companies do one of 3 things: High salespeople, increase marketing spend or cut cost. If I were still a sales leader, said Tiffani, I would focus on moving your middle performing salespeople by anywhere from 2-5% on quota attainment so you can increase top (and bottom) line without increasing headcount.

Tiffani started in the legal sector and read everything and attending legal conferences. Tiffani has continued to ask and listen to whom she could learn from and to find whom can I ask. Consequently, Tiffani became comfortable with being uncomfortable with whatever she does not know, knowing full well that she will find out. Her career embraced Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Deciding to be an analyst for a decade, she said was jarring, because it was such a different skillset. Salesforce has enabled her to bring together all her experience and skills.

Tiffani advises the one thing that will give listeners the fastest impact to get results. “Go ask your customers what is the one thing that you are not doing or what you can do more off?” It is natural to do something new, sharing a story from her book GrowthIQ. If you discovered a gold nugget, you would mine that mountain before moving on to find the next discovery. Sell into your existing base as a priority. Stating it is the gold you already have, instead of the new, new, start with your current base of customers.



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Scale Your Sales Podcast Tiffani Bova
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