6 Ways to Influence the Powerful Emotional Mind

By Janice B Gordon | Sales Motivation

Jul 18
Influence Your Buyers - Janice B Gordon

If the brain can’t feel it can’t make up its mind!

This is a contradiction of conventional view of human physiology, for most of the 20th century the ideal of rational decision-making was supported by scientific descriptions of the human anatomy.

It is essential for salespeople to understand how emotions are crucial to decision-making and how to simulate your B2B buyer emotions.

Plato, the philosopher and Sigmund Freud, the psychologist both agreed that the job of the orbitofrontal cortex area in the brain was to protect us from our emotions, to fortify reason against feeling.  Neurologist Antonio Damasio compiled a map of feeling locating the specific brain regions responsible for generating emotions. Although many cortical areas contribute Damasio sited the orbitofrontal cortex, a small circuit of tissue sitting just behind the eyes in the frontal lobe as particularly important.

Although, your limbic system or emotional brain, which stores and remembers past experiences, is thought to have developed out of the first reptilian brain. The orbitofrontal cortex connects the feelings generated by the ‘old brain,’ limbic system and is responsible for integrating deep-seated emotions into decisions. Recent advances in research from neuroscience, evolution, medicine, and psychology, have shown that the brain biochemistry emotional signals are felt throughout the body, including the gut, the heart and the head. We all experience bodily sensations, transmitted by the peptides or ‘reaction’ to the stimulus delivering greater sensory awareness and essential signals that, if you learn to read them, will assist your decision-making.

Knowing that decisions are made with emotions and not in the absence of feelings, it is curious to think that B2B sales are often devoid of personal emotion and personality. Scale Your Sales helps you develop these trusted relationships and grow profitable partnerships to create opportunities for predictable increasing sales.

Scale Your Sales allows salespeople to access and understand emotions with the 3-by-3 Motivation, Productivity and Attraction system, helping you overcomes sales obstacles and boost your sales.

  1. Scale Your Sales helps you to understand your internal and external strengths and values, your buyer’s perspective and motivating factors, aligning you, your customer and their environment.
  2. Scale your Sales helps you to prioritise your most valued customers, you have all heard of the 80/20 rule, that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. This 20% is your most valued customers, it is essential to find them and grow more like them to increase your sales productivity, with priority, profile to deliver on your promise.
  3. To develop buying opportunities, you must attract the right buyers and influence your decision-makers. To get on the decision-makers shortlist of choices and build long-term strategic partnerships and increase lifetime customer value.

Scale Your Sales uses social selling techniques to attract, engage and educate the buyers you want and neuromarketing methods to elevate the relationship to a trusted partnership.

Given the well-researched sales environment, that:

  • 90% of buying decisions are made with peer recommendations.
  • Only 3% of People Think Salespeople Possess This Crucial Character Trait
  • Buying groups and ranging from 7 to 20 people of a wide variety of job functions.
  • 92% of buyers trust referrals that come from people they know.
  • There is a 47% increase in purchasing value when it’s from referred connections.

Understanding what motivates your buyers to buy then knowing how you can influence these decision-makers is critical.

Business is won and lost by the strength of the trusted relationships you nurture and the influence you inspire over decision-makers.

The fact is, buyers, buy on emotion and justify their decision with logic. If you must inspire with emotion offering the required quality service, then price becomes secondary in the buyer’s logic. Scale your Sales help you to neuro market your way to influence positive decision-making.

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing that uses medical technologies such as functional MRI scans to study the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli. Given that response can be physical and verbal, neuromarketing is about capturing the no verbal in the brain and body. Researchers use fMRI to measure changes in activity in parts of the brain to learn why consumers make the decisions they do. I am looking at how you can stimulate the brain to give specific responses or actions.

The primary decision is based on emotions, use these six ways to stimulate decision-making with emotional stimuli:

  1. What’s in it for Me (WIIFM) – (the buyer only cares about what your products can do for it.)
  2. Show the Difference – (decision-making is easier with contrast, light and dark – show the difference)
  3. Make it Real – (make it familiar, simple, easy to understand and relatable for your buyer)
  4. Make it Memorable (the old brain has a short attention span, state vital information first and last, start and end with a bang)
  5. Visualise It– (visuals lead to fast and productive engagement, visuals allow both parties to be on the same page) “I can see your point” “that looks interesting” are the responses you want.
  6. Show the Emotion – (the ‘old brain’ is actively triggered by emotions so, evoke excitement in your voice and show rather than tell with stories).

If you want a handout of 26 ways to apply neuromarketing methods to build trust stimulate decision-making and scale your sales, please email me.

You make better decisions when you act on information from your feelings, instincts, and intuition with data coming from your rational intellect secondly. It is your emotional brains (orbitofrontal cortex connects the emotions generated by the limbic system) that allows you to access memory, weight your preferences and decide.

The way you make decisions is with emotions, and your buyer is no different. Your buyer’s decisions are enhanced by evoking personal emotion; these neuromarketing methods help to influence their decision to scale your sales.

I would love to hear from you if you have had success in deploying any of the six methods to influence a buyer and secure a deal?


About the Author

Janice is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management. She is passionate about helping companies adapt their sales approach to the economic, social and technological challenges. This has led her to create the popular the sales enablement system, Scale Your Sales. Janice is the international Strategic Account Sales Speaker, author and consultant, achieving many noted accolades including Sage Top100 Global Business Influencer 2017. Contact Janice today about Scaling your Sales