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Scale:  Is to retain, grow or expand proportionally and profitably.

Your:    Is belonging to or associated with the person, buyer, or customers.

Sales:  Is the relationship of buyers and sellers and the ecosystem dedicated to providing value and delivering a meaningful experience.

Our Values

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We empathise with your situation and commit to your success.

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We bring energy to creating solutions that work for you.

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We commit to delivering on our promises to you.

Scale Your Sales is a boutique strategic sales revenue consultancy.

What is different about us is that we do not focus on sales training, we focus on enabling your buyers, and key customers buy and grow. 

We help you understand how buyer behaviours have changed, and we help you create the best environment to deliver excellent customer experiences that retain and build your strategic relationships. Our role is as your guide.

Exceptional Focus

We work with sales enterprises serious about making a difference to their key customers and accounts. We help you align with their changing behaviours, understand why and what buyers need is now. We help you match your customer's specific needs, align your processes, and adopt the behaviours to match their requirements.

Actionable Insight

We immerse ourselves in your business to provide relevant insights, grounded in your customer knowledge and your team experiences and our real-world expertise. We know every project and program is different; hence we develop the plan together having set clear objectives. Recognising our role is to ensure you achieve the defined results.


We have no hidden agendas. We practice what we preach, delivering enjoyable and energising high-touch experiences. We commit to your success, will give you relevant advice and help your team to implement the bespoke plan and achieve the results.

Our Work Speaks For Itself 

We have helped our clients gain customers and secure a more significant share of wallet by transforming thinking, behaviours, and results, accelerating growth beyond expectations.

Past Clients

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Meryl Gilbert

   Meryl Gilbert 

   Executive Coach

"I worked in sales as a sales leader for many years and would have welcomed the opportunity to have worked with someone like Janice, she understands the challenges sales professionals face, but she also has a solution that leads the way to change.

When Janice walked onto the stage the dynamics in the room changed. Her passion and enthusiasm for her subject matter - Scale Your Sales was quite simply contagious. The energy levels in the room were noticeably notches higher. What a great and inspirational presenter. Janice does not just know her subject; she loves it."

Graham Jones

Graham Jones

The Internet Psychologist 2018

"When Janice speaks you are instantly put at ease. Janice instantly shows you that not only is she a highly competent but that she is also clearly knowledgeable. Immediately you have the confidence that you can listen and discover something that can help you and your business. On top of being a clear expert with authority, Janice is just thoroughly positive and warm."


2021: Recommended by LinkedIn Sales 15 Innovating Sales Influencers to Follow 2021 

2020: Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Customer Experience Nov 2020 

2020: 150 Women B2B Thought Leader to Follow in 2021 listing by Thinker 360

2020: Tide Business 20 female UK entrepreneurs to watch in 2020

2020: Listed 4th on the Top #SalesGuru January 2020

2018: Professional Speaking Association 2018 Regional PSA President of the Year.

2017: Sage Top 100 Global Business Influencer, influencer marketing specialists Onalytica and OST Marketing.

2016: Newham Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business Award: Winner.

2016: BeMogul2016 awarded to the most influential & inspirational Black Britain’s.

2015: Docklands Business Club & East London Chamber Business Awards Highly Commended – Digital Impact.

2014 London Business Awards Finalist- Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Janice B Gordon, known as the Customer Growth Expert, uses her 20+ years business and sales leadership experience to unleash hidden potential and accelerate growth by investing in customer relationships. 

She is author of Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World and a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and keynote speaker with recent features in The Sunday Times and Forbes.

Janice has over 8 years of academic research, 30 years in business, created 100's of happy customers, 100,000 inspired audiences and 400,000 insightful words published.

She is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management; Janice develops and delivers bespoke consultancy and education in key account management and social selling. Working with Janice, one company increased their revenue by as much as $6 million, in less than one year, using some of these strategies.

Janice is founder of Scale Your Sales framework, the ultimate framework to develop leading-edge capabilities, trusted relationships, and profitable partnerships to create predictable increasing revenue growth.

Carl Brady

Carl Brady 

Creative Director-Big Stick Design 2019

Janice is an excellent presenter with an infectious energy. Her talks combine inspiring and compelling ideas which are based in facts and studies. The importance of simplicity is often overlooked in an increasingly complex world. Janice does not patronise or use jargon, but raises issues, makes suggestions, and gives tips on how to make progress, and digitally manage strategic relationships.

Susie Marsh

Susie Marsh

Account Director at Road Skills Online 2020

I was blown away by the level of content and relevant information Janice shared with us to inspire us to be a leader and influence by example. The content delivery was just spellbinding - she wove a story that we could take away and implementing in our own business. The steps and thought processes necessary with total clarity. This was exceptional.

Our Associates

Noreen Cesareo

Noreen cesareo

Fluent in strategy, digital, enterprise, trade and international cultures.  Noreen Cesareo is founder of Market Accents, a strategic thought leadership, enterprise, marketing and communications advisory firm focused on providing direction, identity and marketing and communications expertise. We help companies find their vocie, and provide big company expertise for boutique 5 star service, including:
• Digital, Marketing & Communications Audits
• Market Research & Customer Insights
• Market Mapping
• Competitor Intelligence: (Analysis, Positioning & Monitoring)
• Customer Analysis, Profiling & Segmentation
• Strategy & Proposition Development
Market Accents Website

Niraj's business photo 2018 lower res

niraj kapur

Every successful person has a coach, that’s what Niraj does. He coaches to get results. Niraj has worked in sales for 25 years with Centaur Media, the Guardian Newspaper Group and FTSE 100 companies like Informa and for the last 8 years he’s been coaching and developing teams.

After his book, Everybody Works in Sales, became an Amazon bestseller, he set up his 121 sales coaching and training business. Niraj has trained 100’s in company’s like Sainsbury’s, Barclays, Santander and University of Buckingham. Niraj specialises in raising the standards of sales and selling with integrity.

Everybody Works in Sales Website

Kelvin Moore

kelvin moore

Since September 2009, Kelvin Moore has served as lead independent director of Fibrocell USA. Fibrocell Science is at the forefront of the promising field of personalised biologics. He has 30-years’ experience within the banking industry.

Kelvin served as the consultant sales director for Seaborne Group UK. He was senior advisor for Exit Strategy Planning consulting. Kelvin Moore is a specialist in supply chain logistics, leadership development and people management.

LinkedIn Kelvin Moore

Amanda C Watts

amanda C watts

Since 2009 Amanda has been a pioneer in the marketing and personal branding space for professional service providers. During her previous roles as a corporate employee she worked for international publishing house IPC Media, ran international exhibitions around the globe and headed up the sales and acquisitions of exhibitions for Tarsus Media.

She is a best-selling author and a regular keynote speaker. Amanda is passionate about keeping people and businesses relevant and leveraging technology to enhance services and growth opportunities.

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