Jul 22

Scale Your Sales 9 Steps to Initiating your People Social Engagement

By Janice B Gordon | Scale Your Sales , Social Relationships

Janice B Gordon Employee Advocacy perry-grone-lbLgFFlADrY-unsplash 1

Since 2008 the economic crisis, brand loyalty and trust are at an all-time low, and traditional sales techniques are less effective. Almost all your customers are online researching, engaging, and connecting on social. COVID has meant a boom in technology adoption with remote working; we are yearning for real human connection. At a time when […]

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Apr 22

Why Now in COVID19, is it a Great Time to Nurture Customer Advocacy

By Janice B Gordon | Customer Retention , Trusted Advisors

Janice B Gordon Customer Advocacy Pixabay web-cam-796227_1280

COVID19 lockdown is the perfect time to identify your customer advocates and nurture the hell out of them. The growth in social, mobile, and subscription-based business models now make visible customer influence more critical. Peer recommendations and endorsements are the most robust B2B marketing and relationship building mechanism. Advocate sales and marketing are about leveraging […]

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