Dec 11

3 Killer Strategies to Acquire the Most Profitable Customers and Accounts

By Janice B Gordon | Customer Retention

anice B Gordon Customer Acquisition 3

You are running the gauntlet when targeting prospective and acquiring new customers relationship and accounts. It is not to say that companies should not attract and secure new customers; after all, there will always be a natural loss of a customer. Companies misconstrue prospective and new customers as low hanging fruit. However: According to Marketing Metrics, […]

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Nov 20

Why Revenue Targets Must Start with Customer Experience

By Janice B Gordon | Customer Experience

Janice B Gordon 3 Customer Focused Ambitions

Weak data-informed decisions only lead to fractured sales revenue targets, declining morale with increased attrition rates, frustrated leaders and ultimately, poor customer experience. All too often I see, sales strategies start with the CEO or C-Suite supporting an arbitrary growth ambition based on investor demands, new product developments, operational capacity; or some other internal driver, […]

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