What Your Sales Trainer Won't Tell You!

Sales trainers develop your team’s sales skill:

However, your team won’t get an opportunity to convert buyers into customers if they are not on the buyer’s radar. It’s a shame when sales reps become frustrated and great sales skills go to waste!

Scale Your Sales enables your sales team to understand your buyer’s perspective, get on the buyer’s shortlist and build strong partnerships with your strategic customers.”

Janice B Gordon - Scale Your Sales | Strategic Account Sales Speaker

Scale Your Sales Masterclass Training Programme helps account-based sales teams develop new and existing customer relationships:

We help you to attract the right buyers and decision-makers, to build long-term strategic partnerships, and to increase lifetime customer value.

Gone are the days when traditional sales methods alone can produce consistent results. Scale Your Sales will show you how to identify account-based intelligence and then apply it to build smart relationships. Your team will discover how to leverage this knowledge to engage, educate, and elevate the relationship.

“We don’t show your team how to sell. We enable your key account-based sales team to become shining stars, sales productive and attractive to your most-valued customers.”

Our Sales Masterclass Training Programme turns unproductive sales teams, into buyer magnets and account-based relationship builders.

“Scale Your Sales gives your team the tools to empower buyers to buy.”

Our Simple, Scalable Framework Addresses Three Key Problems:

Problem 1: Motivation

Here’s what buyers have to say about sales reps:

58% report that reps do not effectively answer questions
77% report reps don't understand their issues
only 3% of all sales reps are considered trustworthy

The Solution

Your team is not motivated by what they already know, but by a world of new possibilities that stretch and excite them. They also need to believe why and how they can maintain achievement thinking inspired action.

Resilience is a voyage of discovery. Discovering the unique strengths and beliefs that engage buyers. Understand the customer’s perspective and the underlying environmental drivers that deliver competitive advantage.

Scale Your Sales Resilience enables your sales team with adaptability, new insight and the enduring confidence to stretch to the on-going challenges.

Outcome: Increase Team Morale and Resilience and Confidence

Problem 2: Productivity

Here’s how sales productivity affects your business:

44% of Salespeople give up on a lead after a single contact
80% of Sales require five or more follow-ups to successfully close the sale
67% of Salespeople who fill their pipeline use Social Selling
Only 47% of Salespeople who don't use social selling fill their pipeline

The Solution

Let’s face facts: sales professionals are time challenged. So why follow unprofitable, lukewarm, and unqualified leads?

Research opportunities that have the highest ROI. Prioritise and qualify your most valued customers with no extra investment in technology.

Scale Your Sales Productivity will improve your sales productivity and show your team effective social selling methods.

Outcome: Increase Team Sales Productivity

Problem 3: Attraction

Why you MUST develop relationships in selling:

90% of Buying decisions are made following peer recommendations
64% of confirmed sales require a final sign-off by C-Suite Executives
However, 81% of Non C-suite employees influence the purchasing decisions
92% of Buyers trust sales referrals from people they know and trust
There is a 47% Increase in purchase value when sales are based on leads

The Solution

Research and insights will secure your position on the buyer’s shortlist. Sale enablement will help you access further opportunities during the buying process.

Scale Your Sales Attraction of buyers and decision-makers will engage, educate and elevate trusted relationships to strategic partnerships.

Outcome: Increase Engagement, Revenue, Innovation, Opportunities, and Partnerships

The Masterclass Programme

Scales Your Sales Deliver Solutions to Common Problems:

Under-performing Accounts

How to penetrate deeper and broader into under-performing key account-based customers. We’ll show you how to secure more of the potential value.

Unprofitable Accounts

How to avoid eroding margins. Match investment to revenue potential, identifying opportunities to drive up profitability.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Nurture broader and deeper customer relationships into partnerships based on agreed criteria.

Poor Forecasting of Sales

Trusted relationships and strategic partnerships create predictable sales forecasting.

Poor Customer Experience

Key account management is about aligning internal as external operations and communication.

Scale Your Sales is a flexible programme delivered online or offline using interactive resources including voice, video, polls, Q&A, gamification and face to face group training to enhance engagement and adoption. Scale Your Sales maximises the return from your most valued customer relationships.

Scale Your Sales is not a “set it and forget it” proposition:
According to research, 87% of new skills are lost within a month of sales training. We will reinforce new skills and support new behaviours in the essential follow-up programme.

Note: we use the Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model to analysing training effectiveness.

The Process

Our needs analysis and evaluation questionnaire are a tool to inform the programme design, the learner lead delivery and to establish the evaluation KPIs.

With the established business KPI’s and the pre-questionnaire, we agree on the performance targets of your Masterclass Programme.

Every business is unique regardless of the size and industry or niche. Using our tried and tested 4D Problem Solving Process – flexibility and customisation are the key features of our programme design and delivery.

We mix blended learning methods to ensure we engage every delegate. We collect feedback during the delivery of the programme and continually adapt to ensure its success.

Learning takes time, with repetition and review we accelerate learning and behaviour change. Follow up training is an essential part of the programme.

Measure results, like your customer relationships, we are invested as your partners in helping you achieve your results.