6 Reasons Why You Must Get in Front of Other Audiences

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I am often asked by sales professional and subject matter experts “how do you build your profile and visibility with your target audience?”

  1. First, you must have a profile of a credible expert with differentiated value to share.
  2. Then get engagement on social media platforms, as this is the quickest way to build your personal brand and influence.

Ideally, grow your own community on your social channels by giving relevant advice and insights. If your channels need a boost, then grow your visibility by getting in front of other people relevant audience.

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I have been interviewed on a podcast and for publications. Oh, and did I say I was featured in Forbes and in The Sunday Times. There are many ways to build your expert profile, and guest posting is one of them. You can start by asking the host if the information you must share is related to their audience.  Hosts are always looking for relevant guest so, make it easy for them. The more you are a noted expert the more request you will receive. You know the profile building strategy is working when you get requests to guest feature with audiences relevant to your customer profile or segment.

As number 25 of Sage Top 100 Global Business Influencer and a Visiting Fellow of Cranfield School of Management, this helps to send guest requests my way. There are many benefits to guest posting:

  1. Increased exposure.
  2. Helps build backlinks.
  3. Builds trust with your audience.
  4. Reaches a new group of individuals.
  5. Grows your network.
  6. Better still, new content forms like guest podcasting expose you to new audiences.

Whether you are a sales leader or CEO or entrepreneur, you are responsible for building your personal brand or what I call your personal business personality. This is a powerful strategy to get your content and message visible across many channels and platforms.

What are you doing to attract enquiries that get you in front of a more extensive but relevant audience of buyers and customers?

Here are some of my guest posting:

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The Whole Lot with Ade Oduyemi: Janice B Gordon talks about Why People buy you before they buy your product, the words that ground you and Happiness is something you create.

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Guest post can convey more credible weight to your brand, it is the difference of me telling you that I am brilliant and someone you know like and trust telling you that Janice B Gordon is brilliant.  To build your personal brand you need other people to SHOUT about you.

Guest posting is one strategy to build your personal business personality and scale your sales, so choose the channel partner wisely.

Whether you are a sales leader, sales professional, CEO, consultant or speaker; what strategies and tactics do you utilise in attracting the buyers, customers and opportunities you want?

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