In the face of modern disruption, sales teams are expected to hit aggressive targets. Even the best performers can struggle to meet sales goals. 

Two-thirds of sales reps fail to reach their annual sales goals.

fail to hit targets
Research from Cranfield, Gartner and Forrester, helped to identify three industry-wide problems:
(1) team motivation,
(2) sales productivity, and
(3) attracting decision makers.

What We Do Best

1. Motivate Your Sales Team

We do not show your key account and your sales professionals how to sell (if they do not know how to do this, then you have got the wrong persons). We will motivate your team to be productive and attract your most valued customers, buyers and decision-makers. Your account-based sales team will become your shining stars.

2. Boost Sales Productivity

Gone are the days when traditional sales methods can produce consistent results. Now, account-based intelligence must be identified and applied. Our system means you use the key account-based tools and social selling techniques to deliver the exact result you want.

3. Attract Profitable Relationships

Scale Your Sales is a programme that turns sales teams into account-based relationship builders. The programme will help you to attract the right buyers, engage decision-makers and build long-term partnerships.

Who Is Scale Your Sales For

Scale Your Sales works well with mid-market companies with an established market presence. Also, under threat from new competitors or social change. If you want to go from good to great? Our past clients, global sales teams managing diverse markets have seen the results.

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About Janice

“I work with Cranfield School of Management giving me access to world-leading research. Having worked with the best, I have put all this insight into the simple, scalable format: Scale Your Sales.”

Work With Me

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Scale Your Sales Strategic Sales Consultancy works with your sales leaders to ensure you not only meet your sales quotas but productively exceed them.
Scale Your Sales Masterclass Programme

Scale Your Sales Masterclass Programme is the best investment you will make in your sales team, in a decade. Your sales reps are motivated and empowered to create long-term profitable customer partnerships.

Looking for an inspirational, motivational, strategic account sales speaker to jump-start your team? Check out Janice B Gordon The Strategic Account Sales Speaker website by clicking the button above.

What would happen if your sales team were focused and motivated, productively enabled, and believed they could access decision-makers? #ScaleYourSales

Some of Our Past Clients:

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Janice helped me to develop a strategy to secure and maintain B2B customers. I now have a segmented plan of my client profiles with ways to secure and retain more valued clients. Since working with her company, I have secured two new corporate clients. Thank you, Janice, for giving clarity and focus to my accountancy practice, established since 1986.

                                                                                        Andrew McDermott, Director, Nilebond Ltd. (Accountants) 2015

Your masterclass session was great Janice. The team were very happy to be included in cross-functional teams, to communicate some of the customer language used and explore the goals and wishes for the brand. Thank you once again. 2016

                                                                                                        Tracey Woodward, CEO Aromatherapy Associates 2016

I have very positive feedback about Janice’s 2-day Key Account Management training for the ELT Global Sales team. First, thank very much for your time, knowledge-share and enthusiasm, all of which engaged the participants from whom we are anticipating stellar results.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Janet Batson
Learning & Development Consultant Cambridge University Press
(Client of Cranfield School of Management) 2014