Boosting Key Customer Experiences and Increasing Sales Revenue

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Champion Customer-Centricity, Retain Customers and Drive Sales Revenue

Buyers want to buy but they do not like talking to salespeople. 

According to Forrester, "75% of B2B buyers want to self-educate rather than talk to salespeople."  

The problem is in a complex sale with increased customisation self-education is not enough.

If you are not the Seller that your Key Customer wants to partner, then you need Scale Your Sales.

We help sales leaders create predictable sales revenue and set a direction that is future-proof, and aligned to your key customers changing needs and demands.

Imagine Your Successful Results

Janice B Gordon Scale Your Sales Focus and Clarity


Going from overwhelm to clarity

having not only a plan of action but a future-ready customer-first philosophy. Your strategic customers and accounts feel the difference in focus.

Scale Your Sales pexels-anna-shvets-4226140


Engaged key accounts recommending 

your service to other similar customers – with beneficial impact on shortening your sales cycle.

Scale Your Sales pexels-jopwell-2422293


Not only retaining but winning

a larger share of your key customer revenue – the value to your long-term prospects.

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Strategic customers working in partnership  

to gain mutually beneficial relationship and value.

Three Steps to Solve The Problem

step 1

Schedule a Call

Let us help your separate the wheat from the chaff

step 2

Develop a strategic plan together 

Let us combine your sector and customer knowledge with our modern thinking, behavioural and process change to accelerate results

step 3

Implement the plan 

Let us see the results

Janice B Gordon Consultant

Having Worked With Sales Leaders and CEO's

I understand how much companies have had to adapt to changes in buyer behaviour and new technologies.

I have been through three recessions, selling and advising sellers to not only survive but thrive. More than ever, building trusted customer relationships, using digital and social must be part of your armoury to retain and accelerate growth in your key customers and accounts.

You need someone you can trust to do what they say. I understand you are going to invest, and you need to see the results.

We will move you from feeling a lack of control to having a customer-centric plan that aligns your sales operation and  teams to retaining and growing key customers using modern social and customer-focused techniques.

Hakim Tamimi-Mariño

Hakim Tamimi-Marino

Department Head at Jordan Tourist Board 2017

Thanks to Janice I managed to excel in my performance as a marketeer and analyst. She delivered a programme for the European Bank of Reconstruction. Janice's approach is serious yet fun, industry related and tailored to your individual requirements. Janice goes the extra mile to make sure you get the point and goes out of her way to help you in your work related topics.

Jessica Meunier

Jessica Meunier

Director at Eventide Limited 2020

Janice's presentation as well as her great personality were truly inspiring. It has only been a few days and have already started to make a change in our business and how we will achieve our goals. We are now spending more time connecting with our target audience each day. I have not been good with social media until I realised its importance during Janice’s presentation I changed in my attitude.

We Have Online and Offline Delivery Channels and Services


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