Companies that express a powerful brand personality can turn customers into fans and advocates.What is the one thing that is unique beyond the product – it is the people within the brand. People emotionally attach and identify with people, a brand lives and breath through these personalities.In 2014 I wrote Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, and although it has been six years, the strategies within the book are still relevant today. The book talks about the

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Why Now: Buyer-Centric Selling is Future-Proofing Sales Revenue

The global pandemic has accelerated a necessity for a customer-first mindset shift in all growth enterprises. Scale Your Sales helps you calibrate customer experience into your sales operations. Now your primary objective must be to engage buyers and customers at

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Scale Your Sales 9 Steps to Initiating your People Social Engagement

Since 2008 the economic crisis, brand loyalty and trust are at an all-time low, and traditional sales techniques are less effective. Almost all your customers are online researching, engaging, and connecting on social. COVID has meant a boom in technology

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View From The Top Experts on Scale Your Sales Podcast

Over the last three months, Scale Your Sales Weekly Podcast has had fantastic guests that have generously given their knowledge, experience, and insights. In the previous article we look at the responses to the COVID19 question, here are their answers

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How Sales professionals Can Thrive in a Post COVID World

I believe we are at a digital crossroads in sales, between those that can adapt and change to the socially connected commercial world and those that sit and wait for it to pass believing that B2B sales will continue as

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