On International Women’s Day, we celebrate and profile some of the show’s amazing guests of Scale Your Sales Podcast. From the inception of the show, we wanted to hear women’s voices in sales, intending to have 50% women guest. To be honest, I was tired of hearing from men in sales, and the best way to make a change is to be the change you want to see. We may have overshot this aim slightly, with 41 women appearing in

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Scale Your Sales Attraction with 5 Steps to Becoming a Trusted Advisor

As trusted sales professionals, you must weigh up your short term need to hit quota and the long term customer relationship, knowing that if your customer grows, your sales grow, this should be an easy decision. If you sell the

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Scale Your Sales podcast guest article

Scale You Sales Podcast Survey Responses From Expert Guests

Every quarter I compile an article from Scale Your Sales Podcast guest survey answers. These are some of the answers that we did not cover in the live show.  As host of Scale Your Sales Podcast, I would love to

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Scale Your Sales Book Reviews

Scale Your Sales Lockdown Book Recommendations

I have read many more books in what has been an unusual 2020 here is part two of book recommendations for my Scale Your Sales family of followers. The reason why these made it to my list is that SNAP selling

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2020 Scale Your Sales Book Reviews

Janice B Gordon 2020 Scale Your Sales Book Reviews

My 2020 book reviews and recommendations for my Scale Your Sales family of followers.  Some but not all have been guest of Scale Your Sales podcast.  Although my favourite book of 2020 is Becoming by Michelle Obama, the reason why

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2020 Reflections image by Janice B Gordon

Many Challenges in 2020 Brings Opportunities to Highlight

We have all experienced many challenges and changes in 2020. On the professional front, as I reflect on 2020, there have been many highlights. When you look back on the past 12 months, how was it been for you? What

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How to Deepen Your Client Relationships in a Virtual Environment

In challenging times working virtual and endless information, briefings, and change; people are forced to go for the easier, the less complex, and for what they know and trust. Your clients want a safe pair of hands, and unless you

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