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Since the start of the global pandemic, the shift towards a digital network has accelerated rapidly, moving

In the Sales Innovation Expo (SIE) held 16-17 November at ExCeL London, although the organizers prepared extra safety measures numbers were understandably reduced. However, with wider aisles for the many booths, visitors and presenters, the experience was relaxed and fruitful.

Janice B Gordon speaking at Sales Innovation Expo

The Buyers’ Experience

Janice B Gordon presented her keynote speech, providing insight into the buyer experience, and why investing in the buyer’s journey will modernise the sales process, yield higher sales revenues and more personalised buyer experiences.

In her keynote, she talked about shifting the mindset required from channel-centric to being buyer-centric.  According to Gartner Scott Albro, Buyers Want Five Things:

  1. Buyers are 86% more likely to buy during a simple experience.
  2. 64% of buyers cite that “understanding the customer” is the most crucial factor.
  3. Information: 64% of buyers cite that “understanding the customer” is the most crucial factor.
  4. Low risk. “Reduced financial risk” cited as a crucial factor by 54% of buyers.
  5. 70% of the buyer experience is completed before interacting with the supplier.

And Janice added a sixth critical point that buyers want:

  1. According to McKinsey, the number one B2B pain point is lack of speed. Two-thirds want faster turnaround of quotes, orders, and billing.

Janice presented the steps to increase buyer experience which, could double your revenue compared to your competitors who provide average buyer experiences.

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The Event Exhibition Booths

Present ways to optimise sales and marketing strategies, and he

Shortlist Marketing

An agency based in Nottingham, started out as a telemarketing agency, using the telephone as their primary method. Now, in their words, they “no longer use it as a sledgehammer but instead more like a scalpel, with several digital activities warming leads up to carefully select those they engage with to the best results for their clients.

This is an example of how a company has adapted to the digital world.



Cognism is an international organisation that utilises data for prospecting. Their data comes from an extensive database of 5.6 billion data points, including four hundred million business profiles and fifteen million companies.  target accounts and discover direct dials and emails of key decision-makers to be able to focus on your top prospects. You can also track their online behaviour to identify when they are now in buying mode.

Compared to Shortlist Marketing, Cognism are utilising the digital world to a greater degree, using A1 as opposed to conventional telemarketing.

Red Flag Alert

Red Flag Alert, like Cognism, uses data to leverage revenue growth. They capture hundreds of data points daily, and using their AI-powered algorithm, provide turnover insights. Using their software, you can find your ideal prospect, filtering by categories such as industry, company size, and location to monitor significant changes and opportunities to reach out using GDPR compliant email addresses and their LinkedIn integration.

Red Flag Alert, like Shortlist Marketing, are focused on finding the ideal prospect and turning them into leads and buyers.

In Janice’s keynote speech, she talked about what buyers really want and delivering the experience digitally. These three companies are examples of different engagement methods delivered at different points in the buyer’s journey. Shortlist Marketing and Red Flag Alert are focused on lead generation, and Cognism is focused on engagement.


What’s Next?

Over the course of the recent pandemic, companies have had to rely on digital marketing and sales strategies more than ever to develop leads into prospects and nurture them to become buyers. With physical, face-to-face business still uncertain, companies face a challenging question. Those that have waited for the pandemic to blow over have realised that this is not a strategy. Others that have dipped their toe in the water are having to re-evaluate and those that fully committed to the new normal are realizing they need to go further into digital transformation to maintain their competitive advantage.

The window of opportunity to adapt to the digital world is slowly but surely closing. If you see the benefits that come with digital marketing, it will become part of your long-term marketing strategy.

Go to our resources to download an eBook on Buyer Experience or if you would like to discuss the issues further contact Janice B Gordon or schedule a consultation above.

Alex Jang

This article was written by Alex Jang, executive assistant to Janice B Gordon, the Customer Growth Expert and founder of Scale Your Sales, sharing his experience of attending the Sales Innovation Expo 2021

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