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Our world today looks very different than it did a few weeks ago. Many individuals and businesses are still in a state of shock, which is entirely understandable. What we are facing is unprecedented; soon enough, the business world will begin to regain a sense of normalcy -the new normal.

Let’s talk about how your choices and actions today can shape a different future.

I believe now is an excellent time for each of us to learn from this experience. Not in a finger-wagging way but with a sense of enlightenment. We have the time to re-evaluate how we work, the existing systems, processes and policies, we can ensure that the future customer and employee experience is one that we expect as consumers.

OK now we are getting used to the new normal, it may cause you to think about what your future normal, might be? What are you going to do? How are you going to act, and what do you want to practice or change within the next 2-3 months?

This Time is Significant and not just for the Pandemic!

You may never have this time in your life again – how are you going to mark this as a memorable time in your life?

I have seen so many articles, such as “How to sell through COVID crisis” talking about continuing as before but just doing it online and this assumes that the only thing that has changed is location.

Same but Different Channel

You and I know this event is more significant than, same but different channel. Unprecedented circumstances are not normal for any of us.

I am not saying you should stop and do nothing or give in to fear; you must adapt. However, I think these unique and challenging circumstances demand change and change is an opportunity.

You must do as much as you can, for as long as you can. However, the reality of the situation is approaching.

As much as we are all trying to work from home, home-school and gear up the technology, get on Zoom and Teams; get used to group-chat on WhatsApp and conference call decision-making. The reality is that productivity will not be as before, with disrupted supply chains, many more distractions and anxieties with constant updates on #COVID19 and family concerns.

If you do not already, you will know someone directly or know a friend of a friend, who has died (this happen to me two days ago), in all probability you will know someone within the next month.

You cannot change what is happening. However, you can take control of how you think, act and react.

Whatever you are feeling and experiencing your friends and family, your clients and customers are feeling it too. Knowing this, why would you act as you have before? We are in this together, but this is different!

5 Ways to be Different from the Rest:

  1. We are all a little more vulnerable; many people are worried about family and jobs. Be sensitive to your customer’s issues and concerns. I do not believe this is the time for the hard sell. I do think it is a perfect time to be altruistic, to give value and offer to help.
  2. Fear is always bigger in your head than in reality. The best way to deal with anxiety and uncertainty is not to run away but to run towards it. Why not volunteer or offer yourself as a mentor and giving back distracts you from inaction.
  3. Tough times can help to create a strong sense of urgency which can be an opportunity, however, do not assume – ASK and LISTEN – you may be surprised by what you hear, so be brave.
  4. Knowledge is useful, but it is insights that are powerful. How can you gain relevant insight and then share this value with your audience? Can you become the trusted advisor of insights or reassuring critical friend rather than the regurgitator of information?
  5. 78% say getting access to customers and decision-makers is a problem, could social distancing be the change that creates opportunities normally closed to you? What’s your strategy to gain access with relevant and time-sensitive value.

“Maybe it’s time to find a new normal.” Trish Doller

Turn these unprecedented times into a more significant opportunity to change thinking and acting better than you did before. You may never get this opportunity again. Think about new ways to connect with your current clients, to help them solve their problems and add value to your wider community. Offer to do more, ask and listen and get your community the help they need to do more forward with you.

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