Many Challenges in 2020 Brings Opportunities to Highlight

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We have all experienced many challenges and changes in 2020. On the professional front, as I reflect on 2020, there have been many highlights. When you look back on the past 12 months, how was it been for you? What were your highs, and what were your lessons?

As you begin to wind down for the end of the year, I encourage you to take some time and reflect on the lessons that 2020 has taught you because there are always opportunities to learn, but unless you reflect, you can miss the lessons.

2020 Highlights

The first thing that I am grateful for is that I have so far avoided contracting COVID19, mind you, I live like a nun. At the beginning of lockdown, I had all these grand ambitions and started getting up at 5 am and meditating for an hour with my yoga coach. It reminded me that regular meditation is so powerful.

My hair came out of plaits (no hairdressers to DIY) I had a social distance photoshoot and revised my websites. I achieved a long-held dream and built my studio garden office over the summer, and I love it all. img role=

I have loved working through Cranfield School of Management with Swissport, although this started in January, supporting their progress as leaders despite what a challenge it has been for airports and travel industries. It is a pleasure to work with great companies like Swissport, AON and BBC which started in October.

Now exciting that the Scale Your Sales Podcast listed 8th of 42 Best Podcasts for Sales Every Sales Professional Must Listen to Right Now! It goes to show, hard work pays off. The best thing is getting to know and interviewing excellent guest thought leaders and influencers on the podcast. If you have not listened yet, please do, and if you like, please leave a rating and review.

It is an absolute honour to be listed as one of the Top 150 women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2021, and even more special is to be amongst a fabulous list of Influential Women. 

Added to this, I am listed as Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Customer Experience

In March, like many professional speakers, a large chunk of my revenue stream postponed or cancelled, but once the dust had settled several new opportunities came my way. I am honoured to be the international keynote speaker presenting eCommerce is the New Retail at Virtualized

Co-presenting with Marlen von Roth at AA-ISP Women in Sales Summit on bridging the gap of women and ethnicity in Sales Leadership. It was an honour to co-present with Bev Hancock at the Professional Speaking Association Summit an interactive session using video, surveys, polls and presenting stories. The feedback was terrific.  

This year my biggest audience was 1800 people attending my Accountex: How to Scale Your Sales in a COVID World. Check out the accompanying article How to Deepen Your Client Relationships in a Virtual Environment 

This year I became a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts FRSA.

Recommended Must Do for You 2021

I have the Scale Your Sales CustomerX Quiz for you. The resulting downloadable report will help you Get Consistent Growth of Your Most Valued Customers, Boost Key Customer Experiences, Satisfy Your Buyer Needs and so, Increase Your Sales Revenue. 

Please take time out to list your highlights and accomplishments. I promise you; you will feel there have been opportunities through all the challenges of 2020.

And finally, spend some time to create the life and work you want; not by wishing and resolutions, but by dreaming bigger than you imagine (who would have imaged the year we have just had – so go for it). Then planning the strategy, and work the plan img role=

I wish you the most peaceful and joyous Christmas. 

Stay safe and look forward to a new year. 


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