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Apr 22

Why Now in COVID19, is it a Great Time to Nurture Customer Advocacy

By Janice B Gordon | Customer Retention , Trusted Advisors

Janice B Gordon Customer Advocacy Pixabay web-cam-796227_1280

COVID19 lockdown is the perfect time to identify your customer advocates and nurture the hell out of them. The growth in social, mobile, and subscription-based business models now make visible customer influence more critical. Peer recommendations and endorsements are the most robust B2B marketing and relationship building mechanism. Advocate sales and marketing are about leveraging […]

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Feb 26

Why You Need Customer Experience Feedback Surveys and Which Ones

By Janice B Gordon | Customer Experience , Customer Retention

Feedback Surveys Janice B Gordon Photo by Kaboompics .com Pexels

When I work with B2B client’s helping them identify their key customers and create a Customer Strategic Growth Plan to grow each target customer.  As part of this process to Engage, Educate and Elevate the customer relationship, through the customers’ experience into profitable partnerships. There are six critical datapoints to measure customer success that I […]

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Dec 11

3 Killer Strategies to Acquire the Most Profitable Customers and Accounts

By Janice B Gordon | Customer Retention

anice B Gordon Customer Acquisition 3

You are running the gauntlet when targeting prospective and acquiring new customers relationship and accounts. It is not to say that companies should not attract and secure new customers; after all, there will always be a natural loss of a customer. Companies misconstrue prospective and new customers as low hanging fruit. However: According to Marketing Metrics, […]

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Mar 21

How You Can Influence Decisions with Emotion

By Janice B Gordon | Customer Retention , Sales Motivation , sales training

Janice B Gordon Sellers Use Emotion

It is essential that sellers and salespeople understand how crucial emotions are to decision-making and how to simulate your B2B buyers’ emotions. Although, your limbic system or emotional brain, which stores and remembers past experiences, is thought to have developed out of the first reptilian brain. The orbitofrontal cortex connects the feelings generated by the […]

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