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Jul 30

Don’t Let The 11 Demotivating Triggers Be Your Kryptonite

By Janice B Gordon | Sales Motivation , sales training , Scale Your Sales

Sales Kryptonite by Janice B Gordon

Buyers are savvier than ever and able to cherry pick companies, brands, products and services from among the many global competitors vying for their custom. Salespeople have to their super-powers and not their kryptonite. One super-power is understanding how you come across to potential buyers and existing customers. Another is being able to adapt to […]

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Jan 23

The Scale Your Sales Book Review

By Janice B Gordon | sales , sales training

Scale Your Sales Book Review Blog

While working out in Morocco this past month; I set myself a challenge to read ten books. For personal development, I read Brene Brown, ‘Braving the Wilderness’ and ‘Rising Strong’. Along with Tony Robinson OBE ‘Loose Cannon’. I thought it would be useful to review the professional development books I read while researching #ScaleYourSales. I […]

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Jan 10

Why Sales Leaders Must Become Key Account Masters

By Janice B Gordon | key accounts , sales training

Scale-Your-Sales-Why sales leaders must become key account masters

  CEB research shows that B2B buyers are deeply uncertain about the wealth of data on any solution and an array of stakeholders all involved in the buying decision. Stating “Customers are increasingly overwhelmed and often more paralysed than empowered”. The salesperson must run a complex gauntlet; negotiating each stakeholder relationship in the decision-making unit. […]

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