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Mar 12

Why Social Media is Essential for Growing Businesses in 2020

By Janice B Gordon | sales training , Social Selling

Janice B Gordon Social Selling sara-kurfess-6lcT2kRPvnI-unsplash

Since 2006 there has been a meteoric rise in social media and the expansion of digital channels. With the economic crisis, brand loyalty and trust are at an all-time low. Attention spans are shortening, and traditional sales techniques are less effective. There is an abundance of information available online with an increase in conflicting information; […]

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Apr 17

What Does Personality Have to do With Sales Success?

By Janice B Gordon | Sales Motivation , sales training , Scale Your Sales , Trusted Advisors

We are in the era of inbound selling of “always be serving” instead of “always be selling,” the personality lever is much more critical than in the past, and as such sales leaders must recruit for personality. The way buyers buy has dramatically changed, and as a result, salespeople need to change aligned to buyers’ […]

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Mar 21

How You Can Influence Decisions with Emotion

By Janice B Gordon | Customer Retention , Sales Motivation , sales training

Janice B Gordon Sellers Use Emotion

It is essential that sellers and salespeople understand how crucial emotions are to decision-making and how to simulate your B2B buyers’ emotions. Although, your limbic system or emotional brain, which stores and remembers past experiences, is thought to have developed out of the first reptilian brain. The orbitofrontal cortex connects the feelings generated by the […]

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Jul 30

Don’t Let The 11 Demotivating Triggers Be Your Kryptonite

By Janice B Gordon | Sales Motivation , sales training , Scale Your Sales

Sales Kryptonite by Janice B Gordon

Buyers are savvier than ever and able to cherry pick companies, brands, products and services from among the many global competitors vying for their custom. Salespeople have to their super-powers and not their kryptonite. One super-power is understanding how you come across to potential buyers and existing customers. Another is being able to adapt to […]

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