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Mar 12

Why Social Media is Essential for Growing Businesses in 2020

By Janice B Gordon | sales training , Social Selling

Janice B Gordon Social Selling sara-kurfess-6lcT2kRPvnI-unsplash

Since 2006 there has been a meteoric rise in social media and the expansion of digital channels. With the economic crisis, brand loyalty and trust are at an all-time low. Attention spans are shortening, and traditional sales techniques are less effective. There is an abundance of information available online with an increase in conflicting information; […]

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Oct 24

How Emotionally Connected B2B Relationships Increase Sales and Profits

By Janice B Gordon | Social Relationships , Social Selling

Emotional Strength of the Relationship - Janice B Gordon

The strength of the relationships with your most valued customers enables you to predict and to sustain the performance of your business. Statistics from Gartner Group reveal that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of its existing customers. Customer retention costs are much lower than acquisition costs and retaining customers […]

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Aug 13

8 Proven Social Sales Strategies to Attract Your B2B Buyers and Scale Your Sales

By Janice B Gordon | Sales Motivation , Social Selling , Trusted Advisors

Win-Win with Scale Your Sales - Janice B Gordon

The Military enters new markets first on social before they step foot on the ground (my source is Timothy Hughes). Do you think your first point of contact with an unfamiliar connection should be through social engagement? If the Special Air Service (SAS) is engaging on LinkedIn, so should you be? Companies are now tendering […]

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